An apology to my readers

Dear readers,

Please understand that I am going through a rough stage at this point in time. My blog should be a galaxy of happiness and lately it has not been that way. I do not intend to share my sad thoughts but I cannot help it. This blog has been a place where I normally share my ‘joys’, so I guess I can also express my ‘sad bottled up thoughts’.

Today, I am asking for your prayers. I do not know you all personally, but my soul needs to be uplifted so I can move forward and become a better person. The joy inside me is draining and I am so afraid I will run out of it.

“The stars may be hiding under the dark clouds for now, soon the rain will fall and the stars will shine again.”

Thank you for reading and again, I am deeply sorry.


I almost lost it all

I almost lost my star

I almost took back all the promises I’ve made

I almost ate my words

I almost lost the one I love so dear

I almost lost everything

But I am glad I said three magical words

I am sorry”

And I knew I have that love again