Nice to meet you!

Dear Stranger No Namer,

As you see, today I have a sudden urge to know you. I cannot say “to know you better” since I do not have any idea about you at all. Naming you a stranger would be unfair, I don’t want to be called one. But as you see, my eagerness towards real life is pulling me closer to people rather than things. Is this the effect of getting old and having so many friends but you find yourself not talking to one? You would rather entertain your own thoughts or speak to another soul that you have not met. I can see you and you seem at ease sitting at the brown chair with the drink on your hand. However, I cannot tell the thoughts that run deep in your heart.

So if you have time and noticed me as well, speak please until the word stranger is nothing and I will be glad to know your name.

Truly yours, Joycelyn