I thank God for strangers


I went out of work after Christmas Eve. My mind was spinning around so many different things in each millisecond. To sum it up, I am overthinking again. I was so busy with my own thoughts I barely noticed a lady standing a few feet away from me. Then she said “Merry Christmas” with a big smile on her face. Good thing I was able to respond as soon as possible.

Then realization dawned on me, that strangers are wonderful. Always.

Her husband parked the car perfectly and went to her side. Kissed her. Though there wasn’t enough life for me to see them, I bet they are full of love for each other. They started walking the other way… and this was the photo I got. The lady in her black and white dress and her husband in red polo. They are having the nicest Christmas of their lives, hope you are too.

To my dear readers, Happy Holidays! More love to come!!!

All the things he said

…were TRUE. This was the first time agreed with all the things a man has said. Kill stage 4 onwards! Teary eyed at the end of the short film. 😦

Strangers, again: The stages

1. The Meeting –  so pathetic to see how guys would do just anything for the right girl

2. The Chase – she was the number one priority, and every time I saw her, butterflies

3. The Honeymoon – it was a dream come true, the girl I wanted to be with so so badly was finally mine

4. Comfortable – whether its taking each other for granted or people changing over time, bottom line is, someone stops trying and feelings are not as strong as before

*** 😥 break up or get married

5. Tolerance – arguing is one thing, but feeling dissatisfied with the relationship is another

6. Downhill – the effort to try make things work just isn’t worth it anymore

7. Breaking up – the end of the line, the worst stage ever

A song that matched the film? Got one, latest from The Script

First, you think the worst is a broken heart
What’s gonna kill you is the second part
And the third, Is when your world splits down the middle
And fourth, you’re gonna think that you fixed yourself
Fifth, you see them out with someone else
And the sixth, is when you admit that you may have messed up a little.

Who is Jacky? Am I Jacky?


It was a great windy afternoon, I watched how people fade into their busy activities. Kids bike around and their laughter filled the air. Couples walked hand in hand, exchanged kisses and secret codes.

Out of the blue, an old man crossed the pedestrian lane, smiled and waved at me. I am 100 percent sure he waved at me, I was the only one sitting outside KFC eating my coleslaw and hotshots. I smiled back thinking that he was just being nice and maybe he was just like that, the kind of person who waves a lot.

Within a few seconds, he was standing a few meters away from my table then started mumbling out words I can’t understand at first. I was too stunned to look at him. I didn’t know what to do, whether to stand up and scream for help or just leave because I was too frightened. My inner self is telling me to get up but I was planted on my seat. All I managed to do was get my blue small notebook where I doodle my thoughts and pen and wrote down all the things he was saying.

“Jacky, I was waiting for you at Mcdonalds, I told you to wait for me but you didn’t. I told you a lot of men will take advantage of you. Look at what happened now, all because you didn’t listen.”

He continued to talk to me, looking left, looking right, straight into my eyes. I stayed, I knew he needed someone to talk to, though I am a total stranger to him and it was obvious he was out of his mind, I wanted to stay and listen. A guard approached us, he looked at me with his eyes questioning if I was okay and I nodded back giving him a silent response that the old man is harmless, then he left.

“You should have stayed Jacky… with me”

The old man continued to talk, he still kept on calling me Jacky and about how stubborn I was, that I should have listened. Then he said his final words before walking away.

“I love you, just tell me when you need me, I’ll be there”

Yes, a total stranger made me cry at that exact moment. He was a lost soul… like all of us, who gave love, maybe all the love he can give and wanted love in return.

My soul dwindled into the afternoon sky as I watched him go. He was not crazy, for crazy is for the ones who don’t believe that love exist. He believed in Jacky, and maybe he believed in me?

Nice to meet you!

Dear Stranger No Namer,

As you see, today I have a sudden urge to know you. I cannot say “to know you better” since I do not have any idea about you at all. Naming you a stranger would be unfair, I don’t want to be called one. But as you see, my eagerness towards real life is pulling me closer to people rather than things. Is this the effect of getting old and having so many friends but you find yourself not talking to one? You would rather entertain your own thoughts or speak to another soul that you have not met. I can see you and you seem at ease sitting at the brown chair with the drink on your hand. However, I cannot tell the thoughts that run deep in your heart.

So if you have time and noticed me as well, speak please until the word stranger is nothing and I will be glad to know your name.

Truly yours, Joycelyn