Peace be with you


Peace be with you and the people around you

While the sun rises

I hope your heart is filled with new chances

Chances to live, to forgive, to love a new person,

to change for the better and a new day to spread positivity

While the wind is blowing

May your worries and fears fly away with them

May your soul be filled with confidence and greater power

Then you will have what you want

An aura full of peace that lights up the sky like the sun above

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

724 steps above, this is the view that you get from Mt. Tapyas, situated at Coron Palawan Philippines. All worth the climb and exhaustion once you get to the top.

Take a closer look, there’s a giant man sleeping. 🙂

A sunrise as beautiful as this can take your breath away.

And it all ends up with a perfect silhouette jump shot.

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