Longings and letting go


Longing for someone is like the sunset

You want the sun to just be in the horizon for it looks so beautiful

Then again, even time cannot stop that

Slowly it will go down

Darkness will come and replace the orangey shade of the sky

Just like a hand, drifting away from your grip

No matter how hard is to let go

It is the best thing to do

For once it’s dark and you are all alone

The moon will shine and stars will cry with you

On being thankful


We don’t have perfect lives but we have the power to make them close to perfection. Sunsets, beaches, vacation, great friends and unforgettable stories, we can photograph them, keep them locked in our memories and cherish them in our hearts forever. Being ‘thankful’ is always the key… Have you thanked God today? I just did 🙂