Halfway there July!


Hello there loves! 16 days had passed and I am uber happy that this month was full of nothing but great memories. Last Sunday was jam-packed! We started it by visiting the Quezon Memorial Circle. It was my first time to visit this place and I truly enjoyed it. Walking and biking has never been this fun! How come I only knew this place now? I’m turning 28 soon, haha!


After that we headed straight to Las Villas Del Cielo where we celebrated our birthdays together! Amie, Ampy, Alexa and I 🙂 Thank you so much to all our friends especially Gen and Ampy for taking good care of everything. Sorry if I kept on swimming the entire time.


Lots of food choices! I had a hard time choosing what to eat. From rice, viands, Amber’s barbecue and all that!

jona instagram

By 1:30 P.M. after the heavy rain, I headed next to “Truth Hurts and Other Lies of Non-Fiction”. Jona, Dredd, Kirby, Shine and I attended the event together.


Yes, yes, my cells are full of energy. After the quick talk, I headed straight home to  Binangonan to prepare a small dinner for my friends. So here’s the funny story, my dearest girl friends Ghel, Jambi and Bham knows I am aware of surprises(most of the time I am the leader of parties and all that). So I saw this cake on the dinner table and I asked my sissy (the girl wearing white, upper left hand corner) to whom the cake was for. She said it was for Cla so I didn’t mind. Before dinner started my two friends said “Wait, blow your cake first”, I was like, “Sorry but the cake is not for us” and then they started laughing. Turned out IT WAS FOR ME! And yes, I was really surprised. I believed my sister when she said it was not for me. I didn’t even bother to check the dedication on the cake since I was busy preparing our food. 🙂 I was at a lost for words. These friends of mine really caught me off guard. I bet my expression was priceless, my jaw literally dropped opened. All I said in the end was “You got me there, thank you so much for the cake”.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you dears! 🙂


Unfortunately the night has to end and two of my friends are working the following day. We said our goodbyes after our small photo op. Thank you so much to my ever patient sissy who took our photos.

Another Sunday well spent! How was yours?


Good morning to all my lovely and handsome readers! I missed everyone! Sorry I have been quite busy being a friend, sister, employee, grand daughter, close friend, best friend, daughter and all you can think of. Summer has never been this great like the other years. Now that it’s coming to an end, I feel quite sad but of course, this too shall pass.

Moving forward, I would like to share this short story that I got from Youtube. The ending really moved me, some things just surprise us, literally.

6th blog award and one of the BEST MOMENTS!

best momentA normal day can really turn into something beautiful. When I wake up to these kind of emails, I get excited and all that. Blog awards are one of the most beautiful miracles life can offer. The smile it creates after reading a simple notification is beyond amazing. Hmmm, yes you can say I smile a lot. Seems like it has been plastered on my face most days. To MOMENT MATTERS, deepest thank you for choosing my blog along with the others.


Awarding the people who live in the moment,
The noble who write and capture the best in life,
The bold who reminded us what really mattered –
Savoring the experience of quality time.


Winners re-post this completely with their acceptance speech. This could be written or video recorded.

Winners have the privilege of awarding the next awardees! The re-post should include a NEW set of people/blogs worthy of the award; and winners notify them the great news.


  • What makes a good acceptance speech?
    • Gratitude. Thank the people who helped you along the way
    • Humor. Keep us entertained and smiling
    • Inspiration. Make your story touch our lives
  • Get an idea from the great acceptance speeches, compiled in MomentMatters.com/Speech
  • Display the award’s badge on your blog/website, downloadable in MomentMatters.com/Award


  • Ehem Ehem, is this mike on? 🙂 Mabuhay everyone! Smiles from the sunny land (at times rainy) of the Philippines, I am very grateful to receive this award on behalf of my crazy self. Who would have thought that this blog could take my soul and experience to a whole new level of self-realization. To all my patient and lovely readers, biggest thank you. To date, I am Super Istar got 35,616 views and still counting. Without your clicks, likes and comments, this blog of mine would not have life. Honestly, I love my WordPress community so much I consider it a family already. A family that has grown close to my heart. I have learned to travel virtually, connect with readers through poetry and see the wonders of the world through my co-bloggers eyes’. Maraming salamat for the continued support and love, expect the same from me. Let’s continue to give love and receive it through the medium called blogging. 🙂













Women of the World and My Loving Parents


Mark your calendar Girls, Women, Ladies and Gals! It’s our month! This is the best time to reflect and act. Reflect how we have been as the Women of the World and how we lived our life to the fullest. Act to make ourselves better and stronger. Yes there may be down times, but self forgiveness is always there. You must forgive yourself first to move on and get to the next level. Never underestimate the power of your inner goddess. As we go along, we age, true, but that doesn’t mean we just age, we must age gracefully and we should not forget the pieces of wisdom that we get along the road.

To all my chikas out there! Make sure you are having fun this month. Why not?

  • Buy a shoe that you have been eyeing for a long time
  • Travel with your girlfriends or solo
  • Watch chick flicks that make you cry or laugh at the same time
  • Have a mani and pedi

Endless list! These are just my suggestions… and to all the men out there, treat your woman or wife! Why not?

  • Spend a day with her and have a picnic (picnic with a blanket and a basket okay)
  • Massage her feet, slowly. Please do not rush this time! 🙂
  • Kiss her and tell her how much she means to you and your life wouldn’t be the same without her uniqueness and never-ending love
  • It may sound corny but why not print your favorite photo with your special girl and put it near your bed, digital prints are awesome displays!

You see, it’s not just about women being women, the question is, how do you and I become one? It’s your call, a true Woman of the World embraces her own curves, eat what she wants and jogs her way back while putting their pink lipstick on, while tapping her toes to her favorite beat. Always smiling at whatever she does with a kick ass attitude but never forgets to be humble and giving.

Leaving you with one of my fave tracks that keeps me going since 2007 🙂


Giving a shout-out to my loving parents! Today is their anniversary, happy 32 years of wonderful marriage Mom and Dad. Thank you for the genes, lol! I cannot thank the Lord for always having you around and my siblings. Cheers!