Pampanga’s Best, let’s do this!

inviteWe were invited by Mr. and Mrs. Figueroa for the Christening of their first son, Dwayne Dom. We were more than guests, we were God mothers and God fathers of this little cutie. Proud to be a part of this big event, I made the invite above and so glad that Jeanne (Dom’s mother) loved it so much.

pampanga's best (1) Since the event falls on a Sunday, we decided to have a quick road trip and left after our Saturday shift. First stop, the famous San Guillermo Church where Santino used to pray for the Filipino Teleserye “May Bukas Pa“. For those who plan on going anywhere Pampanga, this is a must visit! Why? It’s so beautiful! An earthquake and the Mt. Pinatubo eruption may have ruined it, but it’s still very captivating.

pampanga's best (2) A closer look, old and ruined by time.

pampanga's best (3)From the outside, the Church may look small. Wait until you get inside, you will be more than amazed. The altar is glorious! You will notice small bats that hang around the ceiling. The area is quite big on the inside and I have seen some weddings that was celebrated here on Facebook. Must feel nice walking on these wide aisle 🙂 Photo on the lower right shows how deep the Church was buried. That used to be the upper part of the windows.

pampanga's best (4)The right side holds “Museo de Bacolor” where they kept numerous paintings and photos of San Guillermo Church. You can see pictures of how the place looked like before and after being buried in hot molten lava. If you walk a little further, you will notice their small adoration chapel, so unique and I tell you, this is a room where you can feel the Lord’s presence, so quiet and homey.

pampanga's best (5) One of the paintings that awed me.

pampanga's best (6) One last photo before we continue on our road trip, meet Arjay, Daniel, Ruby, I and Ami. Gen took our photo 🙂

pampanga's best (7) Second stop… Toll House. Any road trip would not be complete without trying out the best restaurants in town. Ask anyone how’s the food and service, I bet they would all tell you that they had the best experience. This was my second time to eat here, the first time was when we attended the Hot Air Balloon Fest. Like the first, the food didn’t fail me at all, I enjoyed my yummy Caesar salad and Calamansi juice.

pampanga's best (8)Now that our stomach is filled with food as it should be, we drove to Antonina’s Resort. Fixed our stuff and started our mini drinking session. So many funny, “kilig”, and laugh out loud stories. Being with a cool crowd is a must when going out. No dull moments, just good music, stories and fun stuff. When dinner time came, our tummies were at the war zone again, thus making us leave Antonina’s to Ronald’s house (Dom’s father). But before that, we needed to search for this super big cake since it’s Ron’s birthday. Good thing, there’s Goldilocks! Dinner was quick and before we knew it, we were back at the resort having a good time at the pool.

pampanga's best (9)Sunday came and the new batch of God mothers arrived. We bought pandesal and coffee early in the morning. But wait, there’s more, can you imagine a group of crazies hopping from one store to another looking for “toothpicks” early in the morning? Hmmm, that would be us? Lol! Ms. Glory would be finishing her cupcakes and toothpicks are really important for this one. Though we got weird replies from cashiers, we didn’t care. We still asked and looked, thanks to a small shop who has one! Life saver! Look how happy we were making these cute blue and yellow cupcakes. Thanks to Ms. Glory for letting us help her with the design and toppings, it was a fun experience.

pampanga's best (10)Time to swim for a while before the main event.

pampanga's best (11) Tadah! A sunny and good morning to everyone! The photos above were taken during the Christening ceremony inside the ‘Parish of the Lord’s Ascension’. Jeanne and Ronald looked so happy all through out the event, big smiles everywhere.

pampanga's best (12) The God fathers and God mothers with the Figueroa Family. 🙂

pampanga's best (13) Before leaving the Church.

pampanga's best (14) Lunchtime food attack! Thank you so much Jeanne for the overflowing food and drinks, sorry I was not able to sing because I feel so sleepy after eating a lot! Haha! Again, you made our tummy so happy.

pampanga's best (16)All kinds of meat and chicken viands plus veggies, talk about “handaan”. Another cute souvenir, baby cupcakes and my vanity moments.

pampanga's best (15)One last photo of the group, it was indeed a fun, unforgettable, full of happy moments weekend! (Meg, I, Ruby, Anna, Rosche, Dan, Mhadz, Gen, Ronald, Jeanne, Glory and Ami.

pampanga's best (17)To close the event, we stopped at Razon’s for the best halo halo in town. A few minutes of reminiscin’ on how the weekend went then we’re back on the road to Manila.

One reminder, wear sunblock if possible especially if you are going to visit Pampanga during the summer season. The weather was really hot and I bet you would stop at any halo halo store just to cool the temperature of your body.

Dubs and weekends

People know how crazy I get… just the other day I was browsing some apps and came across Dubbler. It’s kinda fun especially for people like me who loves to talk though no one’s listening (laugh roll). I can talk, sing (dance at times while singing), recite poems, talk nonsense and all that. The best part is, I can change my voice and be a cat at times, haha! If anyone of you dubs… please let me know and follow you! ^^



Meanwhile, my friends and I are getting ready for another weekend getaway. We are going somewhere fun, where we can swim, dance and eat our hearts out. Hoping everyone will have a great weekend.

Leaving you with this quote ^^


From where I stood earlier


It’s 10:20 am here in Libagon Leyte Philippines, today is the day we (my friend Dredd and I) have been waiting for. Our dearest friend Rozzel will kiss singlehood goodbye. We travelled a few miles to be here and we are nothing but excited to witness her exchanging vows with the man of her dreams. Like the photo above, absolutely stunning and breathtaking, I am absolute their love for each other will be the same. I already have a few photos but I will save them for my next entry. Just finished an early morning swim 🙂 Happy weekend everyone, may you all have a meaningful one.


Missing Potipot Island

Beaches as you can see, is one of my favorite destinations. As a kid, my mom used to take us to places we never knew, mostly what they call the virgin beaches. I wish digital cameras were a big hit back then, but no so I learned to stock them up on my head as mental images.

When I started out traveling on my own or with friends after college, I promised myself I would take as much photos as I can. My head is already full of so many things I can’t keep track of the others, lol! 🙂 Anyway, allow me to share with you the beautiful island I have met late 2009. This small but VERY beautiful place is in Candelaria Zambales City Philippines namely POTIPOT Island.

My first trip was very unforgettable, we took the Victory Liner Bus Station at 7:30 am and arrived at the place by 2:30 pm. That was 7 hours long but it was worth the trip (it just took that long because of too many stop overs). We stayed at Sunbloom Resort and was assisted by Ate Mercy who also cooked for us, so nice of her. You actually have two choices, you can stay at nearby resorts or sleep at Potipot, but we chose the first one.

Potipot 1 (5)The next day, we were ready to discover Potipot Island. From our resort, it only took around less than 10 minutes to reach the said island. The first time I set foot and the first time my toes felt the water, I knew fun had started.

Potipot 1 (6) This was one of the cottages for rent, you can stay here overnight or pitch a tent whatsoever.

Potipot 1 (7)Potipot 1 (8) Time for some solo pics (please do not mention my weight, haha! I was skinny back then).

Potipot 1 (10) Potipot 1 (12)

This old tree at the back of the island was love!

Potipot 1 (13)

So I climbed… 🙂

Potipot 1 (3)Before the sun set, we went back to Sunbloom Resort. Though I spent the entire day swimming, I am not done yet. I braved the cold waters and yes, swam until I was dead tired.

Potipot 1 (2)Potipot as a whole.

Potipot 1 (1)

Race anyone? One of my epic shots!

Potipot 1 (4)

Tanned up and loving it! ♥

After 5 months, I was back at the same place, this time with some great friends. Less hassle for the travel since two of them decided to drive. We laughed, ate and chatted all the way from Manila to Zambales. We joked around, talked about “Pilapils” and got even caught up by the police at Clark. Oh memories! I just love the good old times!

potipot 2 (1) Joann, Salvo, Miley, I, Eldrige and Che

potipot 2 (2)Che had a hard time ‘leveling’ up to the small one, haha! Her bod is naturally long and sexy! I miss her so much but I know she is having the time of her life right now. 🙂

potipot 2 (3) I crawl everywhere, and the sand can be my bed.

potipot 2 (4) Sun on my face 🙂 Summer love ♥

potipot 2 (5) Joann and the pink donut, lol!

potipot 2 (6)Isn’t he cute? 🙂

potipot 2 (7) Tan, tan, tan, summer, summer, summer, fun, fun, fun, sun, sun, sun!!!

potipot 2 (8) Eldrige, I and Miley

potipot 2 (9) A starfish!

potipot 2 (10)Small jellyfish, so adorable!

potipot 2 (11) Forgive my vanity, I just love posing before. 🙂

potipot 2 (12)

Bench and I.

potipot 2 (13) Happy as ever!

potipot 2 (14)

All tanned up!

I guess the photos above sums up my short travel story. As usual, I had a hard time thinking what photos to include since I am the type of person who wants to capture them all thinking, I will be able to use ‘this’ in the future. Truly I did, it has been 4 years and I what is great with having a personal blog is you can still write things up even if it’s about past travels and the like.

It’s the month of January, summer is around the corner and personally, I am looking forward for my first travel for year 2013. So excited, hope all the plans will be successful! Missing my sun kissed tan! ♥

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3

At 5 am my alarm went off, since I slept with my swimsuit on, I was ready in a few minutes with hopes of catching the sunrise. Sad to say, it was raining and I ended up having 2 cups of coffee. Morning talks were good, Hilda and Gen were early birds too, it was a big plus because our background music were songs of “The Creed”. I still wished I was able to watch them live but that’s okay. We talked about certain things, from real life experiences up to some old boring stuff. While waiting for the others to wake up, we decided to tour the area and my oh my, we found this wonderful cave! Too bad I still don’t have the photos with me, still need to grab them.

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (1)Breakfast time!

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (2)Wet in the morning, yes, I swim first most of the time.

Villa Igang

Who can resist right?

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (3) Guimaras mangoes, so yellow!

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (4) One last group photo, Andy left early. 😦

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (5)There’s always a first time, and this was one of hers.

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (6) Bridges over Villa Igang

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (7) Touring around the area again

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (8) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (9)Meet me at the end of world, the secret sanctuary. Make sure you find this heaven!

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (10) Anna on top of the world

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (11) Hilda injured 😦

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (12)

Nipa huts and reflections

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (13) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (14) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (15) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (16) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (17) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (18) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (19) How I wish I own that house, beach front!

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (20)I know I gained weight… but who cares? The rocks didn’t say anything when I leaned to them, lol!

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (21) The yellow ladies!

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (22) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (23)One of the many advantages of being small, squeezing myself into tiny spaces. 🙂

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (24) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (25) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (26) Ehem, my signature beach pose!

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (27) 1

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (28) 2

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (29) 3

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (30) 4

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (31) 5

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (32) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (33) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (34) Flowers flowers flowers

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (35) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (36) Time to offer some prayerBacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (37) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (38) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (39) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (40) I caught him flying!

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (41) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (42) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (43) Never leave Guimaras without any mangoes!

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (44) Life is short, so buy many mangoes as long as you can, haha!

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (45) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (46)Afternoon, we went back to Iloilo and stayed at Ongbun again. Nothing beats the real La Paz Batchoy.

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (47) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (48) We looked like twins here!

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (49) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (50) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (51)Gen had been before which was a great advantage because we don’t need any tourist guide anymore. She knows where to bring us and what to show us. This was one of the highlight of the trip, visiting old churches.

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (52)Yes, the late Pope John Paul II visited the place, how I wish I was there.

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (53) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (54) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (55) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (56) Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (57)I didn’t buy lots of food and sweets, promise! 🙂

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (58) Searching for souvenirs

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (59)My dinner plate at the famous “Breakthrough” Restaurant. I swear, seafood never tasted this great!

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (60) Hmmmm… who ate this? haha!

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 3 (61)

Back in our hotel room, my feet trembling due to excessive swimming and walking. I need to put my legs up. If I can only sleep this way, I could have done that.

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 2

Goooooooood morning! High spirits! I know, my usually morning exercise is smiling. Time to stretch my facial muscles, plus do not forget the coffee.

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (1) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (2) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (3) The traveling fashionista’s Ampy and Kim.

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (4) Wearing the cutest flats on earth!

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (5) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (6) They are all so busy, and I am busy making fun of them too! Lol!

The ruins

Morning view

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (7) Again, we decided to visit “The Ruins” though it rained. We just can’t get enough of this place. For the nth time, I was in awe with its beauty.

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (8) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (9) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (10) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (11) Be mine yellow flower, I was itching to place this behind my ears! 🙂

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (12)Yummy breakfast

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (13)And their mouth watering cake… heaven!

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (14) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (15) Souvenir shop

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (16) Maskara’s

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (17) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (18) And their smiling staff

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (19) Prenup, the rain and The Ruins

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (20)We only have an hour left to check out some old houses, we first visited Balay Negrese. It is a must that you visit these houses. The smell of old books, windows and hearing your foot steps always bring a different feeling.

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (21) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (22) Who wants to play “sungka”?

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (23) Oh! I love this!

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (24) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (25) Can’t imagine how one lives in a basement like this. I want to go inside but it’s kinda creepy.

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (26) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (27) The little museum inside Balay Negrese where you can find paintings, masks, art wires and souvenirs.

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (28) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (29) I met the man who made this… 🙂 He’s a kind man with artistic hands.

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (30) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (31) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (32) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (33) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (34) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (35) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (36) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (37) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (38)Next stop, Jalandoni Museum. Anyone who loves dresses will truly be inspired when they see this place. They were able to keep those special “Barong at Saya’s”. Finding one copy of the oldest Reader’s Digest was exciting!

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (39) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (40) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (41) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (42) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (43) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (44) Ceilings were imported from Germany.

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (45) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (46) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (47) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (48) I’d be happy to wear this!

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (49) And this too!

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (50) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (51) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (52) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (53) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (54) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (55) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (56) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (57) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (58) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (59) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (60)By lunchtime, we were at the port already. We need to ride one so we can go to our next stop, Guimaras Island! 🙂 Finally, swimming time!

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (61) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (62) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (63) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (64) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (65) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (66)Quick stop at the “Pitstop” for the famous Mango Pizza.

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (67) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (68) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (69) Not bad! I really can’t imagine how one can come up with this type of pizza, but it was one of the best I have ever tasted. Cheese and mango does not sound bad at all!

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (70) Make sure to take a bite!

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (71)Gen and Andy with my Clubhouse sandwich

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (72) While they were resting/sleeping… we were swimming and laughing our ass out! Thanks Gen for your effortless way of making us laugh.

“May problema ba tayo?”, “Wala, kasi walang namang tayo diba?”! OMG! It was crazy I swear!

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (73) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (74) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (75)

I swam and swam and swam until I can no longer walk, haha!

Close to perfection…Calaguas Island!

The Calaguas experience all in all was “inspiring and beautiful“. Another time where you will find yourself thanking God for creating such a wonderful place.  He never goes wrong! Of all the places I have been too, this was close to perfection.

We left Manila on a Saturday night around 10:30 in the evening and arrived at the pier 7:15 in the morning. It takes additional 2 hours to reach Calaguas Island via bat but for me it was worth it (make sure you already prepared your sarongs and umbrellas before the boat trip, the sun might burn your skin instantly). The pacific ocean played with different shades of blue and green, really breathtaking how the color changes. The roaring sound of the machine against the view was lovely. Personally, I am really excited for this trip except that I had an emotional breakdown when we reached the island. When my back pack was handed to me, it was all wet and dripping! Call me kinda OC but yes I am, I cried for a few minutes with the thought of “I do not have any extra dry clothes and I do not want to wear unclean clothes”. Good thing the sun was extra hot that day and of course my girls helped me out, so from the bottom of my heart, Thank You Girls. I did appreciate the effort for washing my clothes and for helping me dry them up. Gosh, I do hate it when I cry because of small things, still I can’t stop my tears so forgive me for that, talk about being a happy nut and crybaby at the same time.

This is the port, look at those lovely mangrove like trees!

Our group, don’t you hate life vests? Hate it, makes me feel suffocated. These girls of mine are afraid of the boat sinking… lol!

I wonder what do they call this mountain, pretty nice huh?

Water and stones are such a delight to see!

Look how clear the water is ♥

First group girl shot, background was AWESOME!

While crying and hanging up my clothes, still managed a smile.

The sun was clear on a Sunday, we took some thousand of pictures and had the pleasure of swimming for a few hours. Before we know it, lunch was ready and since we had a long ride, the food was gone within a matter of minutes. The wind was not that strong in the afternoon so at first we had a hard time sleeping, but then again we fell asleep. After a few hours, we were awakened by the loud noise of the other group near us. I dusted the sands of me and dragged myself out of the tent.  The sun was raging with heat and I was sweating real bad. I ate some bread first and after that changed to my other swimsuit (yes, for pictorial and dancing purposes). Again, everybody was up and it was time for our group pictorial. It was such a happy time, we kept on laughing and laughing since we can’t get a nice perfect shot. It took us ages until we decided to stop what we are doing since the sun is setting already. We walked back to our area and then we swam again for a lil’ while (skinny dipping anyone? holler!). This time, the water temperature was cool and we loved it. We would love to stay there but we know it’s not that safe since there was not enough light. The island does not have any electricity and signal, so cellular phones are useless and when night time comes, a flashlight will be your best bud. There is an artesian well or water pump (commonly known as “poso” in the Philippines) where fresh water comes out so you will not have any problem when it comes to shower. After cleaning up, we had dinner and decided to drink some alcohol. Unfortunately, I told them I will drink but ended up sleeping until the next day. The last thing I remember was them playing “Pinoy Henyo” while I was watching the moon and stars. They are magnificent and clear! I have never seen so many stars since my high school (where we had stargazing during first year).

“The shell”

Calaguas at a glance.

This is the middle part of the island where tents are built.

Love Mother Nature, throw your trash properly please.

“The Boat”

Getting ready to get tanned up.

Swim baby swim!

Love the water! Wanna come back for more!

See how HOT it is? But if you are here, you will not mind it I bet!

Having some fun in the sand.

Change outfit time!

Sleep all day sleep all day ♫

I am the lost mermaid! Haha!

Yes dear?

Ala ANTM Top Models 🙂

Closer look  please!

Closest to perfection shot of us while having a good time.

From L-R (I, Mafel, Ghel, Jambi, Sheera, Jhong, Bham and Levy)

So happy together!

I told you I can live here… and just eat sands…

…while the sun is on my face.

The Calaguas shoreline.

“Sunset jumpshot”

Monday, our last day was spent on walking at the beach side and of course, swimming! Who could resist the waters of Calaguas? Not me! 9am and we are all set, this time, our bags are all placed in a plastic bag to make sure they will not get wet again and I will not have to experience another breakdown. We traveled again for 2 hours and then a few minutes on the road again. By lunchtime we are in Bagasbas area, where surfers go. Swimming is not allowed here since the water current is strong and the waves are present 24/7. We decided to eat lunch first and the nearest restaurant was Catherine’s. The place looked so great we didn’t expect something “not so good” will happen. This was it. I do not RECOMMEND the restaurant at all (that’s bold and capitalized). We waited for our food for 1 hour and we are the only group who ordered at that time. I can’t imagine how hungry I was, when they served the refreshments after we placed our order, I finished my iced tea within 10 minutes. While waiting for the super slow service, I felt dizzy and my eyes was kinda blurry. I looked for the washroom and there, I vomited with all my glory. That’s not the end, they punched our orders wrong which led to more confusion. Plus, the waiter who took our orders was not on his happiest state. Even at first we noticed that he was not that accommodating, we just shook it off. But after some time, he’s already saying some things which set us on fire. We do not want to stress ourselves out since we are so hungry but we can’t let it go. Sorry,  NO TIP for you kuya! BAD and slow service!

The incident made us want to leave immediately and I was the only one who took photos of the Bagasbas Beach. Everybody wants to go home since it will be another long trip. We watched the colors of the surrounding change from white to black and again, we are back in the busy streets of EDSA.

Bham having a good time, see the color of the waves? MAGICAL!

Reggae beats.

The sand and I.

Walk walk walk.

The cute old boat.

The crazy ones… Jhong and I

The not so crazy version of ourselves.

Pose Pose Pose


Calaguas sands.

The group, huge!

Last shot of the island.

Here we are at Catherine’s, look at my face! I look so hungry here!

Bham is MAD!

Smile! Though my lungs were almost out of my throat due to vomiting.

Inside this resort is Catherine’s Restaurant.

Still I looked for brighter things… THE BAGASBAS HORIZON.

I’ll give 4.5/5 rating for the overall trip (but if you can’t let go of your phones, you will not enjoy it) except for the latter part (Christine’s Restaurant).

We would like to thank Kuya Yunan and Kuya Richard for accomodating us, we got the package for Php 3100.00/person. If you are interested, please email me and I will forward you his number. If you do not like to have any problems when it comes to food and tent and boat rides, book them now! 🙂

Much love from our bikinis, Thank you Calaguas!

***Some photos are grabbed from my girls with permission,  make sure to take a look at Angelica Sandra’s Blog too where you can catch a glimpse of our summer getaways and her say on Catherine’s Restaurant!***