Pancakes, bowling and Team Shine on a stormy day

Last weekend was a memorable one, finally our long wait is over! Team Shine invited me over for a Team Breakfast/Team Bonding Time. The weather was not in our favor but thanks to Gen and Irish for the ride! Definitely a big help, I can’t imagine ourselves commuting over the metro while the wind was blowing and big rain drops are falling from the sky.

First stop was Pancake House, a well-known restaurant for its oh so yummy pancakes and great breakfast food!

With Team Shine, smile team!

My seatmates Chris, Dredd and Rozz.

Dredd with her breakfast plate, enticing!

Rozz and I had the same order, spaghetti, blueberry pancakes and a hot cup of cappuccino.

Hubs, Martin, Dredd, TM Shine, Jem, Chris and TL Joey ♥

Next, it was time to get physical! Bowling bowling bowling! We actually went to SM Megamall first thinking the Bowling area was still there. Too bad, it was not there anymore, all we found was a bigger version of Toy Kingdom. (Please SM Megamall, update your touch screen mall guide, we saw it there before going down, kinda misleading.) We ended up going to Robinson’s Galleria, thank goodness they did not move it. Bowling center is located at the 4th floor in case you wanna visit it. Enough of ranting, let’s go to the main event.

I cannot remember the last time I played this game, I think 5 years ago? Still, it’s never too late to try again. Everyone played great, I cannot believe it was Rozz’s first time to play bowling. She was so great. Of course Jem was all good with her dancing mantras (Sorry, I was not able to take a video, my Blackberry’s battery got drained and my digital camera’s memory does not have enough space).

TM Shine for a strike!

Chris waiting for his turn…

Here they go… strike again please!

Most of the time I used the green and yellow one, the other colors I won’t dare use, TOO HEAVY for me! Haha!

Shiny floors and wooden things, cute right?

Waiting for the technician, screen was stuck.

These shoes are actually comfortable, just a little cleaning and I can use one with shorts and plain white top. Fashion sense huh?

Round one! Team Martin won! Woot Woot!

Dredd did not play due to back issues, nevertheless, she can still pose in front of the camera.

We said our goodbyes after the game, the four of us headed back again to SM Megamall and for the nth time, ATE AGAIN!