How I started 2012? By thinking!

2012 was quite a start, I guess I am feeling the age on my shoulders. This year, come July I will be 27 years old. 27 and I still have a lot of thinking, money, work, friends, business and all that. Normally I am a happy go lucky person, I do not have to think twice about anything. This year is different, I found myself rethinking stuff over and over again.

Earlier, my mom went to my room, she said something about saving money again and how thrifty should I be. I didn’t reply to her, maybe it’s because I have accepted that at this age, I don’t have a fat savings account to brag about. Next, my dad called us for breakfast. Our business is fisheries and I am thankful that for my existence here on earth, I am privileged to eat fish anytime. There are moments I feel I do not want to eat a single fish anymore, but after all the things happening around the world, earthquakes, flood here and everywhere, I am one lucky soul who have something to eat.

World peace should really be included in our prayers. Awareness and responsibility should come hand in hand. I do not want anymore wars aside from the fact that it kills people, it kills the whole nation. This year, I want to be closer to God like when I was in gradeschool (Yes, that was the time I last felt closer to him) I will never forget the days when I used to walk on Assumption Antipolo grounds and feel so one with God. Writing palanca letters to my friends will always be a great memory. When I see them in facebook and twitter, everyone has grown and they have fulfilled their passions in life. I felt kinda lost. My energy is drained at some point I just want to stare at my walls and think of nothing.

Weight loss is another thing that’s on the top of my list. Not sure if I am affected by my sudden weight gain, but yes, I want to feel light again. Light as a feather and I want to fly! Like I do when walking in my flats.

These things these things, I want to be free! Free from worries and just be fine. However, on the other hand, I am no human if I can’t adopt to change, and change will always be inevitable. So I just live, day by day and continue to learn.