It’s always a good time!

To 3 Single Ladies and 1 Taken,

Thank you for making this event possible, lol. I thought we won’t be able to push through with this gimik since Jhong woke up late! A few revelations may hurt us, but we will always stay strong for each other. It’s Monday and I don’t want to stress you out with some drama, will just make a separate entry on how sad I am since one of us will be leaving soon. 😦

I love you girls forever and you know that!

Love, the 4th Single Lady ♥

Just to change our usual habit of Sundays, we decided to hit the nearest mall SM Taytay.

For the hungry stomachs, nothing will ever beat MAX’s!

Sugar rush 🙂

And out of the blue, since we needed to have a gas refill, we opted for a short road trip to Tiendesitas.

After a few minutes of walking, it’s time to have a coffee break. Thank you girls for the sticker, a few more to go then I’ll have my 2013 planner.

I can be the coolest and “makulit” stranger you’ll ever meet.

Vigan inspired pictorial!

Spell crazy? That would be US.

Spread the love, will be missing you a lot Jhong.

Crazy pic 1

Super crazy pic 2

Ever crazy pic 3

Uber crazy pic 4

What now? Haha!

A night with Paolo Santos Trio

Who says Wednesday nights are boring? Well, not for me, or rather not for us (my dear friends Rozzel and Dredd) Supposed to be, we will roam around the night market of Tiendesitas but we ended up just watching “Paolo Santos Trio” since their music is so good I just want them to sing all night NON STOP! I am demanding right? As you can see, it has been a long time from the last time I have watched an acoustic performer. Paolo Santos is a well-known musician for his acoustic rendition hits such as “Overjoyed”, “Moonlight over Paris”, “For You” and  a lot more.

If I remember it correctly, they had 3 sets of songs. Our food order arrived a bit late so when the second set began, I was not able to focus on my food. I’d rather watch them sing than take a spoonful of rice! (I guess this is a way to a slimmer me? just watch them live everyday? haha!)

Rozzel and Dredd were all busy daydreaming at night with Mr. Drummer Boy Stanley Seludo. He is really a cutie and I cannot help but associate him with Danny O’Donoghue (lead singer of the band “The Script”). Meanwhile, Mr. Bassist Joel Guarin was all out making fun and crazy antics while playing the guitar and singing at the same time. Talk about multi tasking right?  Finally we have Mr. Acoustic Paolo Santos himself who has never changed! His voice can still make my heart FALL! As in fall because of too much *kilig*. From the first time I heard one of his songs because my older sister used to love him so much, I have pictured him singing on my wedding day! (Yes, talk about being a dreamer, that’s me capital J-O-Y-C-E). I cannot thank the group enough for singing OPM songs on their second set! All great renditions, keep OPM burning!

I will try to post his live videos on my Youtube account soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the photos, I am running late for an errand but cannot be more excited to share this to all of you! ***blogger happy mode***

Please like their Facebook fan page:

***Sorry, we tried playing this “do not be anti-social during meals game” but as you can see, my phone was left alone. Meaning to say, we were not able to control our fingers from either texting, tweeting, facebooking, taking pictures and videos :)***

Dredd, I and Rozzel with Mr. all smiles bassist!

Dredd is smiling from ear to ear, I am on “kilig mode” and Rozzel is trying to hide her excitement as well!

Another one!

Fan mode time!

This is the best picture of the group that I got! Sorry if its kinda blurred. 

Paolo on guitars! 

Stanley on guitars!

And Joel on guitars too! All of them can play guitars! :))) 

The three of us, see our food? Told ya we didn’t finish it! 

 My sister Kriss with the boys.

 Finally, our solos with Mr. Acoustic man himself, Paolo Santos :)))

***And didn’t I tell you I was late? Therefore, coffee is on me! ♥♥♥***

Is it the Trick or the Treat?!?

Sometimes, getting westernized is not that bad at all! At least during Halloween season we have something different to look up to. I remember the days when we are just gonna sit around the television and scare ourselves by watching Rated K and Magandang Gabi Halloween Special. Now kids can be crazy over costumes, may it be scary or uber cute. I spent some time with the kids yesterday at Tiendesitas in Pasig City. Of course, age will not exempt me from wearing a costume myself. I wore my old fairy top and skirt from my niece’s 1st birthday (since I got bigger in size, I must admit it was a challenge wearing it). I got my wings from my friend Jil who recently joined a cosplay event in our company. Unfortunately, I forgot to wear my head dress and my wand! But thanks Angie for letting me borrow them. I really forget a lot of things when I am in a rush 😦 including the cape of lil red riding hood and the witch hood. Anyways, I was with a total of four children, Caitlyn, Justine, Thania and Cheska, the older ones Inang (my granda), Bambi (mom of Cheska) and sissy Lily Rose.

Out on the street!

Justine, Cheska and Thania are not smiling 😦

I can see dead people, lol!

Walking to Tiendesitas

Pose first Tita Doy!

Inang, sissy Lily Rose with the kids

Now it’s my turn!

While answering the registration form

Mumu’s and the Cheska, the bride of Chuckie

With the other kids

Say cheese!

The place was a blur, there were super duper many kids!

The pirate and lil red riding hood

Wonder woman Justine and lil red riding hood

Scary sissy Lily Rose together with Thania ang Caitlyn

Wonder woman

Lil red riding hood

Wings everywhere

 Masquerade party

 While in line

 Bride of chucky


 The maarte’s

 Level up!


 The pretty lady from Hogwarts!

 If they have the best costume category, these three should win!

 Look at their expressions! scary!

 Knife man

 The devil

 The devil and satan talking to each other

 I am not really sure what character this is, scary white lady and killer?


 Two fairies

 Fairies galore

 Mask man


 Pretty Thania


 Satan’s tail


 Vampire is watching

 Many many pumpkins



 They are tired 😦

 The two chubby girls waiting

 I am the winner!

 I look thin from afar, yey!

 My bangs rock

 Chubby chicks!

 Super effort for the costume

 Withdrawing? more money for shopping!

 Trick or treat!

 Caitlyn asking for candies

 Yellow fairy

 Tired from walking


 Mom and daughter

 Magic time

 My wings, thanks Jil!

 The big crowd

 Her candies

 With the other kids

 Rose is acting up

 My wigs are gone

With spiderman

 Cute fairy, our colors look good together

Cheska is hiding

 We didn’t have a steady picture, they are all over the place

 Her wings are really nice

 Lily rose mask came from my cousin Majorie (one of her agents made this) Awesome!

 Why am I the blurred one? grrrrrrr! Sissy Rose!

 So pink!


Happy Halloween!