Where is Daraitan Falls?

Hi everyone! Summer 2013 was very memorable for me, again, I was not able to fulfill my dreams of staying at home to finish all my books. My friends and I went to visit Daraitan Falls last April 14, thanks girls for coming with me 🙂 The trip wouldn’t be uber fun without you.

Tinapak River (2)The heat was unbelievable but we are ready to conquer the day. We met the Barangay Captain of the area, thank you sir for welcoming us (kiddin’, he was really there before we came, having a talk with their barangay members). All foods ready! Let’s walk then!

Tinapak River (3) I can’t imagine there’s a place like this near our province. It was amazing like the other places I have been to. Okay, so here’s the real deal, when I invited my friends, I told them it was Daraitan Falls. Little did I know, it’s called Tinapak River and the Tinapak Falls was destroyed by Typhoon Ondoy last 2009. So that was like, 4 years ago!!! I cannot forget their faces when our tour guide explained that. Still, Tinapak River can be found at Daraitan… so they are still connected right? Haha!

Tinapak River (4) The whole group while taking a rest… our tourist guide, CK, Jude, Amie, Anna, Hilda, Ampy and Gen.

Tinapak River (5)A little adventure? Yes, we had that! And if you want one, why not visit the place?

Tinapak River (6) You can’t get to the other side without getting wet. 🙂

Tinapak River (7) First things first, SWIM!!! Oh the heat was really on! The river was a great place to swim and cool down. It was green, clear and inviting.

Tinapak River (8) Lunchtime girls! Overwhelming food, how can we finish these?

Tinapak River (9) So much for rock formations, I want to have a pictorial at every stone I see. They are all so white and pretty! We spent most of the time swimming, eating, exchanging stories and laughing.

Tinapak River (10)Our happiness was overwhelming, Hilda even bought a cake for this special event! FREEDOM at it’s finest.

Tinapak River (11)Yep, I can jump of a cliff whenever I want to. My legs always shake before I do these things, but I can’t let them pass. My blood calls for adrenaline 🙂

Tinapak River (12) The Megastar Ampy sitting on top of the cliff… this was the only place where you can find a signal for Globe.

Tinapak River (13) Look how clear and clean the water is!

Tinapak River (14) Gen, floating 🙂

Tinapak River (15) Anna, Jude, Amie and Gen having a real good time talking about some stuff.

Tinapak River (16) View from a far, I swam to the other side just for this shot. Time to get mushy… when I saw them so happy, just chillin’, I can’t thank the Lord above for giving me such kind and soulful friends. These girls helped me a lot when I needed them. Those times when I felt life was draining me to pieces, they were there. When I needed encouragement, they were there and they never left my side. Up to now, I can’t thank them enough, I just love this group.

Tinapak River (17) One of my fave picture, it was hard to achieve since I need to swim against the current. I see that it’s worth it.

Tinapak River (18) Spell F-U-N!!!

Tinapak River (19) Whohoooo! I made this! I am proud of myself, haha! My very first rock formation! Lol!

Tinapak River (20) Now it’s time to head back to the barangay…

Tinapak River (21)

Rocks rocks rocks, rocks everywhere!

Tinapak River (22)We fit the holes perfectly 🙂

Tinapak River (23)To those who want to visit, the Daraitan Road is a long one, just continue driving until you reach this bridge. If I remember it right, we asked 5 times where’s Daraitan, they all just pointed “straight ahead”, lil’ did we know it was a long long way down there.

Tinapak River (24)Of course, a trip would not be complete without visiting Vista Barista Cafe. A stop over all tourists must try! Coffees, pasta and cakes were affordable and they tasted so good. Hoping the next time I visit, I will be able to speak and have a few words with the owner.

Tinapak River (25)

Since it was Sunday, we also visited Baras Church.

Tinapak River (26) We even met the Parish priest who opened the doors of the Church for us. Thank you thank you Father, you are blessed!

Tinapak River (27)

A perfect way to close the night, videoke baby! After that, some left… Hilda and Gen slept at my room 🙂

So where exactly is Daraitan Falls? It’s in my heart.

Pampanga’s Best, let’s do this!

inviteWe were invited by Mr. and Mrs. Figueroa for the Christening of their first son, Dwayne Dom. We were more than guests, we were God mothers and God fathers of this little cutie. Proud to be a part of this big event, I made the invite above and so glad that Jeanne (Dom’s mother) loved it so much.

pampanga's best (1) Since the event falls on a Sunday, we decided to have a quick road trip and left after our Saturday shift. First stop, the famous San Guillermo Church where Santino used to pray for the Filipino Teleserye “May Bukas Pa“. For those who plan on going anywhere Pampanga, this is a must visit! Why? It’s so beautiful! An earthquake and the Mt. Pinatubo eruption may have ruined it, but it’s still very captivating.

pampanga's best (2) A closer look, old and ruined by time.

pampanga's best (3)From the outside, the Church may look small. Wait until you get inside, you will be more than amazed. The altar is glorious! You will notice small bats that hang around the ceiling. The area is quite big on the inside and I have seen some weddings that was celebrated here on Facebook. Must feel nice walking on these wide aisle 🙂 Photo on the lower right shows how deep the Church was buried. That used to be the upper part of the windows.

pampanga's best (4)The right side holds “Museo de Bacolor” where they kept numerous paintings and photos of San Guillermo Church. You can see pictures of how the place looked like before and after being buried in hot molten lava. If you walk a little further, you will notice their small adoration chapel, so unique and I tell you, this is a room where you can feel the Lord’s presence, so quiet and homey.

pampanga's best (5) One of the paintings that awed me.

pampanga's best (6) One last photo before we continue on our road trip, meet Arjay, Daniel, Ruby, I and Ami. Gen took our photo 🙂

pampanga's best (7) Second stop… Toll House. Any road trip would not be complete without trying out the best restaurants in town. Ask anyone how’s the food and service, I bet they would all tell you that they had the best experience. This was my second time to eat here, the first time was when we attended the Hot Air Balloon Fest. Like the first, the food didn’t fail me at all, I enjoyed my yummy Caesar salad and Calamansi juice.

pampanga's best (8)Now that our stomach is filled with food as it should be, we drove to Antonina’s Resort. Fixed our stuff and started our mini drinking session. So many funny, “kilig”, and laugh out loud stories. Being with a cool crowd is a must when going out. No dull moments, just good music, stories and fun stuff. When dinner time came, our tummies were at the war zone again, thus making us leave Antonina’s to Ronald’s house (Dom’s father). But before that, we needed to search for this super big cake since it’s Ron’s birthday. Good thing, there’s Goldilocks! Dinner was quick and before we knew it, we were back at the resort having a good time at the pool.

pampanga's best (9)Sunday came and the new batch of God mothers arrived. We bought pandesal and coffee early in the morning. But wait, there’s more, can you imagine a group of crazies hopping from one store to another looking for “toothpicks” early in the morning? Hmmm, that would be us? Lol! Ms. Glory would be finishing her cupcakes and toothpicks are really important for this one. Though we got weird replies from cashiers, we didn’t care. We still asked and looked, thanks to a small shop who has one! Life saver! Look how happy we were making these cute blue and yellow cupcakes. Thanks to Ms. Glory for letting us help her with the design and toppings, it was a fun experience.

pampanga's best (10)Time to swim for a while before the main event.

pampanga's best (11) Tadah! A sunny and good morning to everyone! The photos above were taken during the Christening ceremony inside the ‘Parish of the Lord’s Ascension’. Jeanne and Ronald looked so happy all through out the event, big smiles everywhere.

pampanga's best (12) The God fathers and God mothers with the Figueroa Family. 🙂

pampanga's best (13) Before leaving the Church.

pampanga's best (14) Lunchtime food attack! Thank you so much Jeanne for the overflowing food and drinks, sorry I was not able to sing because I feel so sleepy after eating a lot! Haha! Again, you made our tummy so happy.

pampanga's best (16)All kinds of meat and chicken viands plus veggies, talk about “handaan”. Another cute souvenir, baby cupcakes and my vanity moments.

pampanga's best (15)One last photo of the group, it was indeed a fun, unforgettable, full of happy moments weekend! (Meg, I, Ruby, Anna, Rosche, Dan, Mhadz, Gen, Ronald, Jeanne, Glory and Ami.

pampanga's best (17)To close the event, we stopped at Razon’s for the best halo halo in town. A few minutes of reminiscin’ on how the weekend went then we’re back on the road to Manila.

One reminder, wear sunblock if possible especially if you are going to visit Pampanga during the summer season. The weather was really hot and I bet you would stop at any halo halo store just to cool the temperature of your body.

Marry me Leyte!

Day 1Left Manila after work, tiring but Dredd and I were too excited to care 🙂 We traveled from 12 noon to 7 pm. When we reached Libagon Leyte, I thought all my energy drained out, guess I was wrong. We loved our room so much (capiz capiz capiz inspired) and we swapped some stories before heading in to dreamland.

Day 2 (1)First morning, oh I can’t forget the feeling! We were up early and since I crave coffees a lot, Dredd and I decided to take a walk outside. We ended up buying ‘pandesal’ and a cup of coffee at a nearby store. Then after a few minutes, we came up to this beautiful scenery! Clear waters, it’s okay if the sand is not white, just as long as the water is clean and clear, that’s fine with us. So as you can see, no questions asked, we donned our bikinis and hit it big time!

Day 2 (2)After our first early cold swim, it’s time to prepare for the wedding. We went to Rozzel’s house and had our make-up time there. I decided to go with a bun and Dredd wanted some curls.

hair bun

Millions thanks for my hair bun Dredd, you are the best!

Day 2 (3)Wedding time! Dredd participated by reading the second reading and I placed the veil on Rozzel’s head 🙂 She’s the prettiest bride I have seen!

Day 2 (4)Reception area, too bad it rained and the chairs were all wet but everyone managed and we still got the chance to eat. Loved the food and and the speeches that were given by a few guests.

Day 3 (1)Third day, we swam again, strolled around the ‘spring’ :

Day 3 (2) Day 3 (3)It would be a big loss if we won’t be able to pay a visit to the famous “Hindag-an Falls”. I tell you, this is a must-see if you have plans of going to Leyte. Cold, refreshing water and jumping from one point to another was awesome!

Day 3 (4)Borrowed their wedding rings and of course, flowers on my hair again ♥

Day 3 (5) Few moments before the sun sets.

Day 3 (6)Picturesque

Day 4 (2) “Facundo, I want this room, pakiuwi ng Manila” 🙂

Day 4 (3) Mara Clara at Ang Babae sa Bintana

Day 4 (1)Last day 😦 had coffee for the nth time. After a few minutes, we packed our things since we don’t want to rush. While waiting for Rozzel and Dennis to pick us up, Dredd met a man who also lived in the same area (Jaro, Leyte) as her. He was so kind and even offered us coconut… so what did I say?

Day 4 (4)

“Buko? Bring it on!” So I finished three, haha!

From where I stood earlier


It’s 10:20 am here in Libagon Leyte Philippines, today is the day we (my friend Dredd and I) have been waiting for. Our dearest friend Rozzel will kiss singlehood goodbye. We travelled a few miles to be here and we are nothing but excited to witness her exchanging vows with the man of her dreams. Like the photo above, absolutely stunning and breathtaking, I am absolute their love for each other will be the same. I already have a few photos but I will save them for my next entry. Just finished an early morning swim 🙂 Happy weekend everyone, may you all have a meaningful one.


Missing Potipot Island

Beaches as you can see, is one of my favorite destinations. As a kid, my mom used to take us to places we never knew, mostly what they call the virgin beaches. I wish digital cameras were a big hit back then, but no so I learned to stock them up on my head as mental images.

When I started out traveling on my own or with friends after college, I promised myself I would take as much photos as I can. My head is already full of so many things I can’t keep track of the others, lol! 🙂 Anyway, allow me to share with you the beautiful island I have met late 2009. This small but VERY beautiful place is in Candelaria Zambales City Philippines namely POTIPOT Island.

My first trip was very unforgettable, we took the Victory Liner Bus Station at 7:30 am and arrived at the place by 2:30 pm. That was 7 hours long but it was worth the trip (it just took that long because of too many stop overs). We stayed at Sunbloom Resort and was assisted by Ate Mercy who also cooked for us, so nice of her. You actually have two choices, you can stay at nearby resorts or sleep at Potipot, but we chose the first one.

Potipot 1 (5)The next day, we were ready to discover Potipot Island. From our resort, it only took around less than 10 minutes to reach the said island. The first time I set foot and the first time my toes felt the water, I knew fun had started.

Potipot 1 (6) This was one of the cottages for rent, you can stay here overnight or pitch a tent whatsoever.

Potipot 1 (7)Potipot 1 (8) Time for some solo pics (please do not mention my weight, haha! I was skinny back then).

Potipot 1 (10) Potipot 1 (12)

This old tree at the back of the island was love!

Potipot 1 (13)

So I climbed… 🙂

Potipot 1 (3)Before the sun set, we went back to Sunbloom Resort. Though I spent the entire day swimming, I am not done yet. I braved the cold waters and yes, swam until I was dead tired.

Potipot 1 (2)Potipot as a whole.

Potipot 1 (1)

Race anyone? One of my epic shots!

Potipot 1 (4)

Tanned up and loving it! ♥

After 5 months, I was back at the same place, this time with some great friends. Less hassle for the travel since two of them decided to drive. We laughed, ate and chatted all the way from Manila to Zambales. We joked around, talked about “Pilapils” and got even caught up by the police at Clark. Oh memories! I just love the good old times!

potipot 2 (1) Joann, Salvo, Miley, I, Eldrige and Che

potipot 2 (2)Che had a hard time ‘leveling’ up to the small one, haha! Her bod is naturally long and sexy! I miss her so much but I know she is having the time of her life right now. 🙂

potipot 2 (3) I crawl everywhere, and the sand can be my bed.

potipot 2 (4) Sun on my face 🙂 Summer love ♥

potipot 2 (5) Joann and the pink donut, lol!

potipot 2 (6)Isn’t he cute? 🙂

potipot 2 (7) Tan, tan, tan, summer, summer, summer, fun, fun, fun, sun, sun, sun!!!

potipot 2 (8) Eldrige, I and Miley

potipot 2 (9) A starfish!

potipot 2 (10)Small jellyfish, so adorable!

potipot 2 (11) Forgive my vanity, I just love posing before. 🙂

potipot 2 (12)

Bench and I.

potipot 2 (13) Happy as ever!

potipot 2 (14)

All tanned up!

I guess the photos above sums up my short travel story. As usual, I had a hard time thinking what photos to include since I am the type of person who wants to capture them all thinking, I will be able to use ‘this’ in the future. Truly I did, it has been 4 years and I what is great with having a personal blog is you can still write things up even if it’s about past travels and the like.

It’s the month of January, summer is around the corner and personally, I am looking forward for my first travel for year 2013. So excited, hope all the plans will be successful! Missing my sun kissed tan! ♥

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 1

Mom used to say “Kaya ka pala gala kasi may nunal ka sa paa” / “The reason why you are always out is because of the mole on your foot.” That was like an old school saying, but I believed her. Since 2007, I have traveled to different places here in our country. Believe me, I still have a long list up to now. But as of the mean time, I plan not to travel too much for 2013. Usually I would be the first one to plan certain travels for different group of friends. Now, I am the one declining, haha! Only accepted two major out of towns because they are important, weddings of loved one always are! I guess, 5 years is enough for now and I would like to take things seriously.

So for now, let me share my last unforgettable travel experience for 2012. Our Bacolod, Guimaras, Iloilo Trip! This is a late post but I won’t forgive myself if I can’t blog this before the year ends. Just by looking at these photos, you can say, we really had a great time. And yes, you will notice I am always in or near the water bodies. 🙂

We left Manila around 4pm and landed Bacolod by 5pm. It was a quick trip, sad though because I was not able to get the seat near the window. My body feels tired since we came straight from night shift, but I CANNOT sleep, due to excessive excitement.
BGI Trip 2012 (1) BGI Trip 2012 (2) BGI Trip 2012 (3)

The travel team, left to right, front and back (Hilda, Kim, Gen, Anna, Ampy and Andy)

BGI Trip 2012 (4)Of course, first stop would be the “The Ruins”. One word “Breathtaking”! I cannot stop admiring how lovely it look. The driver said, “Too bad you missed the sunset, where you can really see the true beauty of the ruins”. I have to agree but you know, seeing it at night will also be one of the best things in life.

BGI Trip 2012 (5)The walls that I can’t stop touching, haha! I have this thing with old and vintage stuff. Walking here makes me feel so in touch with the past.
BGI Trip 2012 (6) BGI Trip 2012 (7) BGI Trip 2012 (8) BGI Trip 2012 (9) BGI Trip 2012 (10) BGI Trip 2012 (11) BGI Trip 2012 (12) BGI Trip 2012 (13) BGI Trip 2012 (14) BGI Trip 2012 (15)Art in the wall

BGI Trip 2012 (16) BGI Trip 2012 (17)I got a pretty model, meet Kim 🙂

BGI Trip 2012 (18) BGI Trip 2012 (19)

I could not ask for more 🙂

BGI Trip 2012 (20) BGI Trip 2012 (21) After visiting “The Ruins” we went straight to Ong Bun which was located in the city. Of course, our hungry stomachs would not let us sleep the night away though all of us are sooooooo tired to the highest level.

BGI Trip 2012 (22) While waiting for our food at Manukan, it’s a street of restaurant and believe me… the place smells so good!

BGI Trip 2012 (23) BGI Trip 2012 (24)A few chats here and there while waiting for our food.

BGI Trip 2012 (25) Gen, the coke model 🙂

BGI Trip 2012 (26) BGI Trip 2012 (27) BGI Trip 2012 (28) BGI Trip 2012 (29) BGI Trip 2012 (30)And the night ends with this! Weeeee! The best Chicken Inasal for only 116 each! *Burp*