No regrets, just love

When I think of it now, I smile. How I loved and was loved in return. But then some love were not really ours in the first place. God just lent it to us and after some time, we have to return it back. Return it with a hopeful heart that next time, He will give that ‘one, last, true love’. For a long time, I never thought about my past relationships. I realized I have not thanked them enough for teaching me how to love in all ways possible and for them loving me back until the end.

To my first love, thank you for opening up my heart. Those long phone conversations won’t be forgotten. The nights when I was literally staring at the ceiling and smiling the whole time. Funny love letters, cross stitches and stuff.

To my second love, thank you for writing “I love you” a million times. That small handwriting of yours and numerous white pages all filled with the same three words. I know how much you didn’t want to give us up.

To my third love, thank you, thank you, thank you for the blueberry muffins. I know baking them is hard but you still managed to bring me lots when you visit. Thank you for always reminding me that my smile is perfect. Though the blog you created for me (astersmiles) no longer exist, it won’t be forgotten. Continue playing the guitar like you used to.

To my fourth love, awww… you were… a lot of things. Thank you for making me laugh so hard every time when we’re together. For looking straight into my eyes and telling me how pretty and lovely I look. You always say those three words first, morning, lunch, afternoon, dinner, you never failed. I know how much you hate it when we fight and let the sun go down without doing anything. You and I were so real when we’re together.

To my fifth love, thank you, for letting me go and I am sorry for hurting you big time. My sorry’s will never be enough but I still want to say it. I saw the silver painted star fish I gave you the other day and I thought, like that pretty lil’ thing, the love you have given me will always be special. Countless coffee shops, travels and pictures. Yes, I may be the lady who can create thousands of emotions in photos, but that wouldn’t change the fact I broke your heart, again I am deeply sorry. Soon you will forget me.

To my sixth, thank you, it was short but memorable. Some things are just not meant to be no matter how badly we want it. Wanting was never enough.

To my seventh, I know you are out there… maybe you were just stuck in traffic and your car won’t move for months, years, a century? Haha! Or you are busy cliff diving, or cooking, or taking photos or whatever! Don’t worry, will wait patiently 🙂 Great things come to those who wait and pray silently. Meanwhile, I will be busy making myself better so when you come, You and l will have a happy life ahead. As they say, 7 is the number of perfection.

To all those love, that didn’t last, do not fret, it’s not meant to be and being alone for sometime is part of the plan. Just keep holding to faith and love. ♥

Feeling in Love

For some reason, I woke up and this song popped up like a pink bubblegum. My dream was not related to any ‘love’ or that sort. It was all about Dubai, grade school, high school, college and work friends, so I wondered, why this song? But anyway, it made me feel so good and I am all smiles up to now. Hope these feelings would last 🙂

If you find someone you know you love, just love that person, and God will see you through the rest of the way.


I almost lost it all

I almost lost my star

I almost took back all the promises I’ve made

I almost ate my words

I almost lost the one I love so dear

I almost lost everything

But I am glad I said three magical words

I am sorry”

And I knew I have that love again