3rd out of 10 mornings before I turn 27 : JOY

Pure joy can be found in things that we really want to do. Most of the time I am all out and happy mainly because I enjoy life. However, that causes dilemma too. I am having a hard time choosing what do I really want to do, hence I accomplish less. I try this, I try that and never stick with anything… except this blog (which I am REALLY happy about).

My licensed profession is a nurse but I have never worked as one. All I want is to travel, eat, take pictures, write and be crazy. You may ask why I didn’t take up courses near my “so called wants”… hmmm… it is a very long story but I am sure you don’t want to know all the details. To cut the story short, my mom chose the course for me. I cannot blame her since she was the one who paid for my college tuition, but you know, I want to graduate. So I gave college my best shot and never did I regret it since I met a lot of wonderful souls.

Up to now, I am still in search for pure joy, for that one thing that will make me wanna celebrate each day. Life will bring me closer to that, I guess I just need to follow my heart’s passion now. Soon, I WILL BE THERE, 27 is still a young age right? 🙂