I’m turning 28 and I still don’t care

2143468Now my blog title may seem rude. It’s 3:13 AM and my eyelids are light as a feather. Please sleep, where are you when I needed you the most? Hmm… he’s gone and visited another soul in need of rest. (I guess?)

So back to my drama… I am having some birthday blues this early. But yeah, I learned that the greatest advice I can give to someone is to “not care at all”. Not care in a sense of not caring what the world will say about the things that you do. We will all learn from our experiences and honestly there are moments I feel I don’t really have a say when friends or loved ones ask me for an advice. It’s different when you are the one inside the box and the one standing outside the box.

I have always felt so carefree when I do not care or give a damn about what others will say. I SING, SCREAM, DANCE and JUMP, whenever and wherever I like. They may label me as crazy but I have freedom in my hands and if this is the way for me to really have a taste of it, then I let it be. Same goes with you! 99% of the people around us would not really care, so why worry? Worrying is such a killer! As Nike said, “JUST DO IT” and I have to add, STICK to it.

Be a happy pill like me! ♥

Joyful plans for my 28th Birthday

“Days are fast, and I want to fill them with lovely, joyful moments.”

Turning 28 soon, my birthday will fall on a Thursday, July 25, 2013. Cannot be more excited!!! This is gonna be real great and loads of fun. After 3 weeks of self-reflection, I came up with this list!

1) Will cut my hair and give it to Donate Your Hair Org after my cousin’s wedding which happens to be a few days before my birthday. I told myself that if I will be a successful nurse, I want to specialize on being an Oncology Nurse. Hmmm… I am far from being one as of the mean time, but I still want to help. Giving up my crowning glory will be hard, but I know I will make another person so happy. To all my friends who wants to crop their hair for a change or any personal reason, DONATE your hair! Double up the happiness!

2) I know my family and friends will plan a party for me or give me gifts and cakes. They never fail to surprise and make me the happiest person alive on my special day. I need to tell them to just support my birthday plans and just donate cash instead. 🙂 I will sign up for World Vision Project where in you can celebrate your birthday for the benefit of World Vision Kids.

3) I recently launched my online shop Twinkle The Star (preloved items) and 50% of the total sales will be included for my planned donation under World Vision. I am still on the process of fixing my shop, I am afraid it will take a few more weeks, once it’s fully loaded, hope you can shop to make this event possible and help other kids.

Being alive for the past 27 years is a huge blessing, with all the love I have received from the souls I have met, I am the luckiest star ever. Yes there were tough times, but I have learned the trick of living life to the fullest… that is by SHARING MY JOY 🙂 I want a better place and future for my loved ones and family, helping others will make this possible.