Two Great Plays in One Day!

Lucky me! Yes I am! Imagine I was able to get to watch two great plays before they end. First was “The Sound of Music” at Newport Theater Resorts World Manila and then second was “Forbidden Broadway” at RCBC Plaza Makati.

Ever since I was young, I have been in love with “Live Plays”. Maybe it was due to fact that I want to be a Super Star on stage, I want to be an actress but my sister said that my acting skills were not that convincing. So to make it short, I just acted in my room! Poor me! Anyway, let us go back to the main topic. The first play “The Sound of Music” was captivating. The cast, the props, the music and everything was so GREAT! Truly it was a play that I am so proud of, it should be shared to the whole world. Talk about talent in acting and dancing? I’m giving them a HIGH FIVE! My favorite part of the play was when Maria taught the kids how to sing… the Do Re Mi part.

Next play in line was “Forbidden Broadway” that gave me chills in every act! The cast was to die for! They portrayed all their roles to the maximum level. Totally hooked with “On my Phone” and “Seasons of Hype” Act! When the curtains opened ’til the time they closed, everyone was laughing hard. They all deserve a HIGH FIVE too! Watch them here: Forbidden Broadway – Cast Interview – Upstart Productions do not forget to visit Upstart Productions for more shows and follow them on twitter.

Too bad, both plays ended today, and I am so GLAD I watched them! Keeping my fingers crossed for a rerun of these two shows! Here are my pictures!