Girl on Fire, Ms. Joyce Anne Ison ♥

*** The last photo with Joyce Anne Ison ***

For a moment I do not know what to write, all I know is we will miss you badly, we are missing you badly and you haven’t left the country yet. My mind is telling me to just simply make a video to let my feelings out but I can’t speak. One word and I’ll start crying. I want to hug you for a long time earlier but it will make things worse, tears rolled down my cheeks after we said I love you and take care. I questioned “Why of all people, you are the one who needs to leave?”, then again, I know you wanted it badly and you have waited for this for the longest time.

I will miss you and our stories over coffee

I will miss you and our super-duper wacky faces

I will miss you and our colorful outfits

I will miss you and our bending moments

I will miss you TWIN SISTER!

To the Girl on Fire, remember to keep ’em burning. You have to sing If I Ain’t Got You on my wedding day. Promise to take care of the girls, we are just a skype, sms, tweet and an IG away. Love you forever!