10 Day Blog Challenge : Part 3

blog challenge

Eight Ways to win my heart

1. Ask my parents if you can visit me at home. Super effort ang pagpunta sa house namin, malayo kasi, haha!

2. Open the door for me and for other people.

3. Look me straight in the eye when talking. Do not be afraid, my eyes are just normally big, but I do not have hypnotizing powers.

4. Be yourself and do not try to copy others. Not flattering at all. If you are comfortable in what you do, it will show.

5. Learn how to cook “Lucky Me” pancit canton, the right way. Not super soggy, just enough that I can chew it properly.

6. Do not take me to expensive restaurants on the first date, I’d rather check out a museum, watch reggae, or eat sisig.

7. Laugh your heart out, with me.

8. Run and do crazy stuff, again… with me.