3rd and a lifetime with WordPress


July 6, 2014 Sunday Morning.

I opened my eyes, checked my phone and this was the first notification that I received. Surprise surprise! At first I didn’t know how to react, whether to jump for joy or cry myself early in the morn. Seriously?! I believe in the latter. Somewhat I felt heartbroken and guilty as hell for not keeping up with this blog as regular as possible. Where am I? I am still here and I didn’t travel anywhere far (like Europe or something, duh!). So why why why didn’t I make time for this? Then there’s the famous line of “I am busy with life”.

So there I was, a silly heartbroken blogger and the main reason was my lousy excuse of being so “busy”. Well, who is not busy anyway? Everyone is, and I think it’s just a matter of putting your heart and soul into that one thing that you always love to do. (I failed big time!)

Now I am tired of my useless excuse. I am going back to blogging. It may be hard, but an entry once a week should be fine. I will ask my soon to be husband to bug me on writing, lol. Yes, you read it right, I am going to change my last name soon. 🙂

Happy Anniversary to my beloved blog, IamSuperIstar. Thank you to all the followers and readers. Let’s keep rocking and blogging!

Exploding emotions on the Fourth of July

I feel I am in a trance, I am still sad because I lost a dear friend and sister yesterday. Then I got this notification on my phone that somewhat placed a smile in my heart.


Thank you WordPress for letting me express myself in other ways. This blog has been a life portal to me, all my emotions, tiny dusts of sparkles can be found here. It’s very funny because I said last January 2013 “I want to have 30 thousand visits before I turn 28”. And guess what? Life will always be full of miracles and I got more than what I wished for! Currently I got 32,239 page reviews as per my counter. With a big big big heart, THANK YOU and MARAMING SALAMAT to all my patient readers. I may have some down side moments but I hope I have showered you with inspiration and endorphins. I love you all 🙂