7 thoughts on “I miss my collar bones!

      1. You should do this lovely little “lose 10 lbs. in 7 days” diet I’m on- all I was allowed to eat yesterday was fruit. But hey, I made it through the first day! heheh.. It’s not too late to jump on board- I’ll only be one day ahead of you and we can do it together if you like. (The link is here: http://bilaras.hubpages.com/hub/lose-10-pounds-in-a-week-diet-plan) Just scroll down to see the daily fodd plan.) Today I’m only allowed vegetables- fun stuff. (Not!) But, I’m already seeing a result and I swear I can already see hints of my collar bones! This is just to kick start the rest of the weigh loss and give you the confidence you need to follow through. I’m pumped. 🙂

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