Heed my call

He tangled his feet with mine for a long time

Seemed like he was lost in his own trance

His own train of thoughts


His own, deep, train of thoughts

Photo not mine


He spoke of verses I thought I would never hear from someone

He cried his heart out with honesty and longing

Saying “I don’t want to look for another”

Isang pagkakataon

Kung biktima tayo ng nakaraan

Hahayaan na lang ba natin na hanggang doon na lang?

Kung pede naman balikan

Bakit hindi natin subukan


Kung sa tingin mo dapat natin ipagpaliban

Ang pag-ibig na sana’y walang hanggan

Para san pa na ating pinangako

Ang walang katapusan?


Oo, nananiniwala ako sa kabilang buhay

Ngunit kailangan pa bang hintayin iyon

Upang makapiling ka?

Upang masabi na hindi sayang ang bawat umaga?


Bakit di natin subukan…

Ang balikan ang nakaraan?

Ng ating matikman ang tamis ng kasalukuyan

Patungo sa magandang kinabukasan

The past and the present


In the darkest of hours
You put your knees up
Hug yourself tight
And get lost in the sea of loneliness

Then again, we are only human
Prone to making mistakes
Prone to fall so easy
Then get hurt like a boomerang

Just remember
Forgive yourself
Let go of all the pains
Push all the worries away

One day,
When you least expect it
The world’s greatness will manifest itself
The darkness you have known will just be a phase

Today, forgive
Tomorrow, love again
Like it’s the first time


He was the one who told me that my eyes were lovely yet didn’t seem to care when I was crying
He was the one who stood by me holding the umbrella but did not enjoy the rain drops
He was the one who made me smile during mornings and made me frown before the day ends
He was worth everything until he proved I am wrong

Most importantly…

He was the one who told me not to give up on us and at the same time taught me when to let go,

So I did.