Nov. 23 2013, saved the date in my head

Weekend on my toes, it felt 100% right. Until I was rushed to the ER.

Let me recall how it started. I just finished my 2nd bottle of San Mig Apple and starting my third one when I felt the need to pee. It was all a-okay. When I went back outside, I was able to utter a few lines from one of my favorite OPM songs “Hiling” by Paramita. Then I felt this sudden twist in my lower stomach. A shooting 30/10 of pain rushed through me. I excused myself again and tried to assess myself while walking towards the washroom. Forgive the term but I felt like I was on s*it hole. I am gonna pass out, I knew it, I heard stories of “this is how I felt before passing out” and it was completely it. “You have to let me in first, I am gonna pass out” I said to the guy before me. Which he did and I guess I scared him to death because the look on my face was really different.

I entered the bathroom, locked myself in. The lady I saw in the mirror was not me. I looked like Snow White rolled into sweat. I tried to gag thinking if I puke it would make me feel better. Wrong, didn’t help at all. Now it’s getting worse and I don’t have my bag with me. I can’t sit on the toilet, it’s not clean and the germs are all over! (Why am I so vain even when in pain!? Guess it’s natural). So I unlocked the door, asked for some tissue and said sorry to the guy who’s still waiting. I sat down and this is where the agony started. The excruciating pain was back, I am not sure it has something to do with my “period” but this was insane. This time I can no longer hold it. I can’t remember how long I was there but all I can see were my hands trembling from lack of oxygen. Then I heard my friends knock, they asked if I was okay and I answered “No, I am not”. Forgive me friends if I can’t open the door at that time, I tried but my left hand was too short and my energy level was at -0. After a few minutes, they were able to open to the door. Now I do not want to share the chaotic details of what happened inside. I am just thankful that my two girls, Ampy and Hilds were there with me. I knew the ABC’s (Airway, Breathing, Circulation) but just can’t move. I know in an emergency you have to unhook tight clothing etc. and give some air. I asked my friends to unhook my bra, fan me endlessly and all that. A few minutes passed and I really thought I was gonna be okay. BUT the pain never left. So I have no choice but to agree in having an ambulance transport me to the ER.

The doctor said its severe abdominal cramps but just to be sure I need to have a check up to rule out urinary stones. So there I go, hooked on an IV fluid and spent the rest of my stay laughing my heart out at the Emergency Room.

To all my friends who were there, you know who you are, thank you 🙂

ER Food



8 thoughts on “Nov. 23 2013, saved the date in my head

      1. Good luck with the follow up and hopefully you still have some people around you to be your home-nurses 🙂

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