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Who is she?

She was made to walk on grass
She was made to move mountains
She was made to conquer battles
She was made to wish on a rainbow
She was made to see the beauty of life
She was made to appreciate art
She was made to shine like the stars
She was made to act like a lady
She was made to taste the wine
She was made to love truthfully
She was made to test the waters
She was made to reach the sky
She was made to defeat anger
She was made to spread joy
She was made to give hope
She was made to make others laugh
She was made to help humankind
She was made to embrace kindness
She was made to touch souls
She was made to praise God

For I am she and will always be

Donate Your Hair and help a Cancer patient

Last year, I shared plans of donating my hair for Cuts Against Cancer – Donate Your Hair Org. However, they needed 12 inches minimum to create a wig. This year, I am happy to say that my hair lengthened to 10 inches long. So I contacted the team again and asked some details just to be sure. My timing was pretty perfect :) This coming October 5, 2014 they are going to have a big event: Setting Up New Guinness World Record in Philippines & Most important Helping Kids & Woman with Cancer by Cutting your Hair. So what are you waiting for? Let us help in spreading the word. Visit their Facebook site for more details and videos.

Cuts against cancer

In three months I am ready to say goodbye to my beloved long hair so I can help one cancer patient. I hope that the child/lady who will receive my hair will be blessed with longer life and a beautiful future.

long haired

Have a great night ahead and be safe,






3rd and a lifetime with WordPress


July 6, 2014 Sunday Morning.

I opened my eyes, checked my phone and this was the first notification that I received. Surprise surprise! At first I didn’t know how to react, whether to jump for joy or cry myself early in the morn. Seriously?! I believe in the latter. Somewhat I felt heartbroken and guilty as hell for not keeping up with this blog as regular as possible. Where am I? I am still here and I didn’t travel anywhere far (like Europe or something, duh!). So why why why didn’t I make time for this? Then there’s the famous line of “I am busy with life”.

So there I was, a silly heartbroken blogger and the main reason was my lousy excuse of being so “busy”. Well, who is not busy anyway? Everyone is, and I think it’s just a matter of putting your heart and soul into that one thing that you always love to do. (I failed big time!)

Now I am tired of my useless excuse. I am going back to blogging. It may be hard, but an entry once a week should be fine. I will ask my soon to be husband to bug me on writing, lol. Yes, you read it right, I am going to change my last name soon. :)

Happy Anniversary to my beloved blog, IamSuperIstar. Thank you to all the followers and readers. Let’s keep rocking and blogging!

SuperIstar is out dreaming

photo not mine

Long time no write. Yes, that’s what I told myself. So where was I? Out dreaming! Lol! Seriously!!! I have been under the spells of fever and it’s no help now that summer is at its peak here in the Philippines. You can really get a tan even just by walking outside. I AM NOT JOKING.

So let’s go back to ‘dreaming’ before I start talking non sense. I am not really sure whether it’s my sickness that caused me to dream a lot. I know our dreams our numerous per night but I can recall my dreams. Is it me that’s weird? Or is it my mind and body? I saw Dubai, pork chops and Xave (my boyfriend, yes, I have one now) in my dream but in a different way. I remember seeing the skyscrapers of the Dubai, wanting to eat pork chops and Xave getting mad at me because he was not able to answer to a phone call because I was talking non-stop. Hmmm… so even in my dreams I can’t stop talking. Should I be scared now? Or I was talking non-stop there because in real life my throat hurts and I can’t speak well.

Although I am still assessing what these dreams could mean, it has a good effect. It made me write again. Just in time because I really miss my WordPress world and everyone in it. Have a happy weekend loves! I hope everyone is doing well :)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

newly weds

The day they said “I DO”

Yesterday was a very lovely day, specially for the newly weds. Jeremy and Karen, thank you for picking me as one of your bridesmaid. Preparing for your wedding was a memorable one not only for me but for your families and friends. Always treasure the day you said “I DO” to each other, I know that you are gonna have a great life ahead. Love you both!

Heed my call

He tangled his feet with mine for a long time

Seemed like he was lost in his own trance

His own train of thoughts


His own, deep, train of thoughts

Photo not mine


He spoke of verses I thought I would never hear from someone

He cried his heart out with honesty and longing

Saying “I don’t want to look for another”

The (mas) kuripot 52-week money challenge: Earning 27k to 137k on barya


I have never been good at saving. Must give this one a try! :)

Originally posted on Minimum Compliance:

A blog post from Kuripot Pinay on how someone can save almost Php 69,000 a year went viral on my Facebook wall today. The premise is simple: start the first week saving Php 50, and add the same amount every week for 52 weeks. At the end, a person will have Php 68,900.

Fifty pesos seems easy enough to keep weekly, but having to add fifty for 51 more weeks it means that every week from October onwards, you’d have to save at least Php 2,000 a week. Bigat!

So Emerald Ridao came up with modified table, showing how much you’d save with a base amount of Php 20 to a maximum of Php 100.

Pick a base amount and multiply by the number of weeks.

Pick a base amount and multiply by the number of weeks.

Saving Php 20, adding the same amount weekly, will yield a decent Php 27,560 at the end of the year. A thirty peso-base will…

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