The unplanned Baguio trip

It all started with a simple conversation of “Where do we eat?”. Somehow, we planned on eating breakfast at Mercato since we had a slight problem with the event we were supposed to join in. All of a sudden, with only one pair of clothes and a small brown bag, my friends Jude, Hilda and I were on our way to Baguio. Yep, to the cold city where strawberries awaits us.

Baguio 1After 6 hours of travel time from Victory Liner Cubao station (they offer rides to Baguio every hour for P450.00) we arrived at the Summer Capital of the Philippines! Good thing, Jude knows Lyn’s Apartment, a transient room where they stayed before.  If you are just looking for a place to just sleep in, this might be the one you are looking for. The room is not that big but it can accommodate up to 8-12 persons. So, first instinct when we arrived was to sleep! Haha! Yes, since we came straight from our night shift, the stolen sleeping hours at the bus was not enough. We planned on getting out that night to meet our friend Alex who was also in the city. However, due to some circumstances, we ended up ordering food at Jollibee and stayed up all night playing ‘tong-its’. Congrats Jude for winning all our coins! 🙂

Baguio 2Morning came and we found ourselves hungry as ever. So with my ever favorite blue peplum top and leggings, it’s time to hit the road. First stop, Chowking for breakfast which was very near our place. Then we walked along Burnham Park and Children’s Park. I was able to manage walking from one place to another without a jacket, guess my skin turned into a Carabao one already, lol!

Baguio 3

After a few minutes, we decided it’s best to ride a bike. Feeling like kids, we circled to and fro, biked here, pedaled more. This was the highlight of the trip for me. For some reason, I missed biking so much! I felt free as a bird!

Baguio 4

Now it’s time for some prayer. I cannot count how many times I have been to Baguio ever since I was a kid but this was the first time I paid a visit to The Pink Sisters Church. The area was quiet and perfect for adoration. The interiors were very nice and the voices of the nuns were like angels that sent goosebumps on my skin.

Baguio 5

Minesview Park would be a place any tourist or local should not miss when visiting the Summer Capital of the Philippines. This park has a lot to offer, from photo ops with pink horses and big dogs, to throwing coins at a wishing well or just simply sitting on a rock overlooking the lovely view of pavements, houses and green trees.

Baguio 6

Eating and shopping would also be a big YES for this area. As you can see, we had some chocolate ice cream and mangoes, yummy!

Baguio 7

The following photos were taken inside ‘D Igorot Place’. It’s a small museum where you can check all the Igorot hand-made items. It’s heaven for me, all these cute wood carvings, room decors, colorful dream catchers and paintings, they were all unique.

Baguio 8

If only we have a car, yes, I want that Apology wooden thing on my wall or in our receiving area.

Baguio 9

Didn’t know he put on some wacky face! I am very good at that, he got me there! Lol! By the end of the museum trip, I got was this cute sunflower eco bag for P150.00.

Baguio 10

Seemed like walking was one of our favorites here, 252 steps to the top! *ATTENTION: Do not laugh to much when climbing, bad for your health, lol! or else, you wouldn’t make it to the top*. 🙂

Baguio 11

Now that we have visited some famous places, it’s time to hit the market. Raindrops started to fall, quite a place to fall in love with. Wondering what was the receipt about? I told a friend I just wanted to drink some water in this place. Craziness sprouts again, but hey, I really want a mineral water… mineral water from Baguio City. 🙂

Baguio 12

Finally, we were able to make it! Dinner at last with Alex and Weng. Cafe by the Ruins is one of the must-try restaurants here. I did enjoy my Bangus meal and coffee. It was a night of pure fun, enormous laughter and great stories (include some paranoia in it). 🙂

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Baguio 13

Last night! Can’t believe our sudden weekend stay was coming to an end. Here we are, with our own version of strawberries and cream.

Baguio 14

Indeed, it may be an unplanned trip, but life is like that. It will stay like that, full of unplanned surprises that will bring excitement to our souls. Baguio City, another memory, thank you for keeping us company with your cold summer nights. Until we see each other again! ♥

16 thoughts on “The unplanned Baguio trip

  1. fun! been to baguio several times when i was younger but now it’s been almost a decade! better get back soon and experience it with “new eyes” =)) fun pics!

  2. Hi Joycelyn;
    You and your girlfriends ROCK!! That looked so fun! 🙂
    I am of the opinion that it is sometimes hard to be spontaneous. Sometimes, it is our duties, other times just US. We create limits. I know this in me.
    Wishing you more fun to come on the run and happy 😉

  3. Siiiiiigh! Baguio has almost everything that I love most in the country. I wish to be as spontaneous as you are to go back there soon with a special someone who can give me enough warmth to help me last a day. 😀
    I love the way you organized your photos in this post and the narrative is short, concise and fun.
    Your weather report reminded me of the time when I was in Baguio and the temperature went down to as low as 7 degree celsius, I think that was in 2009 if I’m not mistaken. For a while, I asked Lucifer to give me a bit of hell. 😀
    Nice post Joyce! I so enjoyed it!

    1. Let’s go back… but I can only guarantee you heat due to excessive laughter. My oh my!!! I am afraid I won’t be able to get out of a hot bath tub if it goes down to 7 . ^^

      1. Yeah laughter can give heat and a bit of flatulence hehe but it’s the best medicine so it’s cool.
        Ah, I think that was the 2nd lowest temperature in the History of Baguio City. the lowest was in 19 81 or 91 reaching down to 5 or 6 I think.

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  5. hi! I just want to know where is Lyn’s apartment located? and do you know if how much is the rates??

  6. First of all we would like to thank you for writing this great article about Baguio City, it is always refreshing to know that visitors of the City such as yourself would take time to write about your fun experience in the city of pines. We hope that you will visit Baguio City again and please do share your story through your blog again.

  7. hello. I just wanna ask if you know cheap room/accomodation for 2 in baguio. thank you. We’re planning to go there next month. Thanks in advance 🙂

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