My last weekend of 2012

My last weekend of 2012 was well spent. From Ayala Lights and Sounds, a dinner for two with a good friend, and watching The King and I stage play.
last weekend (1) Love the saying, “make it happen”

last weekend (3) ♥♥♥

last weekend (7) last weekend (8)Of course, the night would not be complete without my wacky face, lol!

last weekend (9) Hilda and I 🙂

last weekend (10) Blue lights

last weekend (11) Green lights

last weekend (13) The after show

last weekend (14) Christmas colors

last weekend (15) last weekend (16) I wanted to help them but seems like they just fit right in 🙂

last weekend (17)

Envied the children who kept on dancing 😦

last weekend (18)Full moon and the Peninsula

last weekend (19) My dinner

last weekend (20)Got no sleep but who cares? Seize the day and night. Now time to catch The King and I at Resorts World Manila.

last weekend (21) last weekend (22) Feeling chick in pink

last weekend (23) The show’s about to start!

last weekend (24) My supermodel cousin 🙂 Tall Tall Tall!

last weekend (25) Allen Mae and her mom

last weekend (26)

Mom and her friends

So sorry that I do not have any photos of the stage play, it is strictly prohibited and I have to abide by the rules if I want my phone to stay with me. 🙂 Anyway, the play was great! I really loved their costumes and British accent. As usual, I cried at the end, it touched my heart when The King died, but it was a good ending. You can still watch the show and buy tickets here.

My Lovely Christmas on Instagram


December 24 morning, I decided to prep my nails for Christmas. Was not able to squeeze in some time to visit the a parlor or spa for some mani and pedi pampering. Not too bad right? I used to do my own nails before so I didn’t have a hard time.

wpid-IMG_20121224_122139.jpgPlayed some time with one of my faves, Caitlyn 🙂 She’s getting bigger and such a poser now like me, haha!


The birthday girl, you know I love you sister! My wish is that you’ll become one of the greatest nurse ever, do not copy me, haha! I am the maarte one, haha!


Videoke time while waiting for our visitors 🙂


Time for some break, cake eating time!

wpid-IMG_20121225_231826.jpgHere comes dinner with my loved ones, got the greatest family ever, I could not ask for more.


So proud of my make up, love the simplicity, nude gloss lipstick and eyeliner only.


And my golden pair of earrings completes my night of course!


I am her fave and she will be mine 🙂


Let’s start opening up the presents! Most exciting part of the night!


Wonderful bag from mom, thank you so much! ♥


Siblings and cousin Buds with their gifts, all smiles!


My gifts, from monito monita, to gifts from dear friends, relatives, siblings and parents. Thank you thank you, you made me so happy! I loved them all!


Left home early, went to the office and had a solo time with Hilda. My peppermint and fave table with my holiday wallet.


We walked past The Mind Museum, ped lanes, street lights and I got to see BGC’s Christmas stuff up close. They look so cute and full of stars! Didn’t notice them at all! 🙂


My view while waiting for the clock to strike 12, the moon and a star.

wpid-IMG_20121225_230137.jpgAdditional sweets and gifts from office friends!


Jeepney’s from the Philippines, this is my bet! Mabuhay!


Loved walking in these wedges from H&M!


Officially Christmas, love my outfit, denim peplum dress! ♥


Braid them up girls!


I look tall in here, lol! Because no one’s beside me!


I need to watch this play soon… excited!


With relatives at Resorts World Manila


My three boys ♥


Lunch treat from Red Crab, thanks Tito Al, we really enjoyed it!


Yum, yum, yum!


I got a victim, haha! I am a pro when it comes to eating you Mr. Crab! Sorry 🙂


Sissy and her big butt, lol!


With our pretty cousin, Allen! Tall isn’t she? Well, I am used to it, I am the smallest! Always! Haha!

So that was how I spent the 24th and 25th of Chrismas, still got a lot of photos but that would summarize them all. Hoping everyone had a great one. Always nice to spend the holidays with our loved ones, family and friends.

From the heart to you, have a joyful one and may all the desires of your soul be granted!

Bacolod Guimaras Iloilo Trip Day 2

Goooooooood morning! High spirits! I know, my usually morning exercise is smiling. Time to stretch my facial muscles, plus do not forget the coffee.

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (1) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (2) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (3) The traveling fashionista’s Ampy and Kim.

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (4) Wearing the cutest flats on earth!

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (5) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (6) They are all so busy, and I am busy making fun of them too! Lol!

The ruins

Morning view

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (7) Again, we decided to visit “The Ruins” though it rained. We just can’t get enough of this place. For the nth time, I was in awe with its beauty.

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (8) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (9) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (10) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (11) Be mine yellow flower, I was itching to place this behind my ears! 🙂

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (12)Yummy breakfast

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (13)And their mouth watering cake… heaven!

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (14) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (15) Souvenir shop

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (16) Maskara’s

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (17) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (18) And their smiling staff

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (19) Prenup, the rain and The Ruins

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (20)We only have an hour left to check out some old houses, we first visited Balay Negrese. It is a must that you visit these houses. The smell of old books, windows and hearing your foot steps always bring a different feeling.

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (21) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (22) Who wants to play “sungka”?

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (23) Oh! I love this!

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (24) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (25) Can’t imagine how one lives in a basement like this. I want to go inside but it’s kinda creepy.

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (26) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (27) The little museum inside Balay Negrese where you can find paintings, masks, art wires and souvenirs.

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (28) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (29) I met the man who made this… 🙂 He’s a kind man with artistic hands.

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (30) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (31) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (32) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (33) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (34) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (35) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (36) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (37) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (38)Next stop, Jalandoni Museum. Anyone who loves dresses will truly be inspired when they see this place. They were able to keep those special “Barong at Saya’s”. Finding one copy of the oldest Reader’s Digest was exciting!

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (39) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (40) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (41) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (42) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (43) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (44) Ceilings were imported from Germany.

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (45) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (46) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (47) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (48) I’d be happy to wear this!

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (49) And this too!

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (50) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (51) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (52) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (53) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (54) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (55) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (56) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (57) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (58) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (59) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (60)By lunchtime, we were at the port already. We need to ride one so we can go to our next stop, Guimaras Island! 🙂 Finally, swimming time!

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (61) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (62) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (63) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (64) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (65) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (66)Quick stop at the “Pitstop” for the famous Mango Pizza.

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (67) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (68) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (69) Not bad! I really can’t imagine how one can come up with this type of pizza, but it was one of the best I have ever tasted. Cheese and mango does not sound bad at all!

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (70) Make sure to take a bite!

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (71)Gen and Andy with my Clubhouse sandwich

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (72) While they were resting/sleeping… we were swimming and laughing our ass out! Thanks Gen for your effortless way of making us laugh.

“May problema ba tayo?”, “Wala, kasi walang namang tayo diba?”! OMG! It was crazy I swear!

BGI 2012 Batch 2 (73) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (74) BGI 2012 Batch 2 (75)

I swam and swam and swam until I can no longer walk, haha!

First Sunday of December

I planned to stay at home today since I was sick last week and my body needed some rest. Then again, how can I resist “family time” temptation? Aside from that, sisters Rose and Kriss wrestled me to death when I declined to go the first time. We went out with our good ‘family friends’ Tita Lhen, NJ, and Em.

Big ChillWe first visited Glorietta, walked a bit, took some photos and sipped fruit juices while mom accompanied Tita Lhen for some bag shopping. NJ, made me laugh so hard with his funny stories, hmmm… very good! Guys should really know how to make good impressions these days.
sunday love (1)After that we headed straight to Mall of Asia and had dinner at Harbor View. Good thing it was not raining or anything earlier.

sunday love (2)

Do not forget to try out their roasted chicken! Tastes good! And as always… bottomless iced tea, finished 5 glasses!

sunday love (3)

Spent some time walking along the bay… so many lovers!

sunday love (4)

Big smiley face! Lovely wheel right, so colorful!

sunday love (6)I would like to take this home and place it inside my room, lol! 🙂

sunday love (5)

Partners in crime: LJ, JL, Rose, Kriss and Em

sunday love (7)Tita Lhen, my mom and the big Christmas tree.

sunday love (8)With my family minus dad (at home), eldest brother (at home), eldest sister (in the US).

sunday love (9)

Lights! Lights! Lights!

sunday love (10)

Train lights!

sunday love (12)I told them, “BIG SMILES PLEASE” 😉

sunday love (13)

Baby, let’s cruise the night away!

So there! Hopefully everyone had a nice start of December… let’s make each day count, share the love!

Abe with US Girls

Supposedly, we are gonna eat at Conti’s since Jana was cravings for some cakes. Not sure why there were so many people at the place last Monday so we ended up looking for another restaurant. Out of the many restaurants in Serendra, we chose Abe, they specialize in Filipino dishes.

My two ladies with our “Sago’t Gulaman”

Jana and I

US Girls reunited over dinner 🙂

Pork Hamonado and Baby Squids, loved them both.

Thank you Chivas for our group picture.

And another one 🙂

Three times our height? Lol!

Near the fountain area

Cute cute flowers floating

I wanted to hug this christmas tree but… haha, it’s too small. 🙂

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery

Weekend calls for bonding! Tiring and long week so we decided to eat out. Been craving for the ever famous “mango bravo” from Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant. It’s a short walk from the office to Serendra where it’s located but since the sun was high, we opted to take the bus.

Good thing we didn’t have to wait so long to get a table, usually the area is booked on weekends.

Photos of us waiting and the interiors. Hmmm, I want to have a plate collection all of a sudden. 🙂

Alexa, you are approved as your shirt says! Haha! Smile!

Food is ready! Can you believe I didn’t eat rice this time? All american breakfast, everything here is delicious, I swear!

Of course, any visit will be useless without some cakes! Moist chocolate cake, Mango Bravo, Turtle pie and a special cake from Jude called the “Freedom cake” 😀 (thanks CK for helping out with the decoration).

Marie, Anna, Hilda, Jude and Alexa… I’m behind the camera.

I decided to wear my “sapin-sapin” top to drive away the negative vibes. Guess I should wear more colorful clothes, like bright yellow, pink and blues!

HERE IS MY SURPRISE! Do not laugh! Sorry for the grammatical lapses 😀

You better watch this video, I know how much you love the movie “Wicker Park”… coincidence or not but the little lady’s name is Alexa.