5th out of 10 mornings before I turn 27 : VALUE OF LIFE

Like yesterday, today’s weather is still gloomy. This kind of weather makes me think about certain things. Actually, sensitive stuff, seems like my brain activity is at its highest during the rainy season.

One of my co-workers approached me after shift and she was asking if I know about the recent news about a hold up scene. I said “I just heard but not so sure if it was accurate”. Apparently, there were two incidences, first was with a lady walking and a man in a bike snatched her bag. They said she tried to fight the snatcher but ended up falling on the road. When she got up, her hand/arm got hit by a car that caused her an injury. Luckily, she is alive. Second was another lady who rode a public vehicle transport. The group of men inside the vehicle robbed the lady. As per news, she tried to fight as well and got shot then and there. Two days ago, the lady passed away. Now that was unlucky! Again, please do not quote me on the story, I am not sure if that was the real case.

The bottom line is, accidents happen in all forms and once they do and we are faced with death, are you ready to see God and answer Him when he asks, “How did you value the life I have given you?”. Surely you will need to answer one way or another. You can either tell him that you have been great from day one to the last or you can tell Him that you want to go back and live once more because there were so many things you took for granted. All of us would want choose the first one, but are we living, really living life to the fullest of our potential? The answer lies deep in our heart, maybe it is at the bottom but it is never too late. Start now and imagine all the good and great things you can do with your time. Manage and spend it wisely. Create a room for love and do not let hate stay with you. We are humans I know, most of the time we get tired and swear things out. Forgiveness is one powerful element that God has created for humankind. USE IT, anyway IT IS FREE. Once you have forgiven all those who have wronged you, VALUING LIFE will come next and it will be easy as 1,2,3.

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